BTC is about sharing the fun and benefits of T’ai Chi Chuan. The Yang Family Style short (16 Posture) and long forms are shared to reduce stress, improve agility, balance, flexibility and establish a practice of moving meditation. Also scientific studies and anecdotal reports show not only that doing TCC supports wellness but enhanced lifestyle for the chronically ill. The related arts/practice of Qigong is an essential component of BTC teaching, and advanced students are offered training in TC weapons forms (which can be very aerobic and dancelike).

The practice of BTC comes out of China: appreciating its culture and learned directly from the Yang Family, its disciples, and designated teachers. First and last the focus is on enjoyment, after all, the Chinese commonly say they: “play Tai Chi Chuan.”

Joe Schmidt


Gary "Robbie" Buchholz

The Bluegrass Tai Chi team

The Bluegrass Tai Chi team has, between them, almost 100 years of competitive athletic experience and the residual injuries/osteoarthritis that goes with it.  We know the pleasure and beauty of exercise movement and have embraced pain-free and dance-like T’ai Chi Chuan.

BTC experience includes more than 30 years of teaching and coaching.   We have studied and practiced several martial arts and taught/coached wrestling locally about 20 years ago.  Our current interests are in the wellness, meditative and stress relief aspects of TCC.  We promote TCC because it makes us feel and function better and want to share that with you.

The BTC team exercises regularly:  doing aerobics, resistance and stretching workouts in addition to mind body exercises of yoga, Pilates, and primarily Tai Chi forms.  We promote a well-rounded activity and complementary workout types.   Because you have a primary workout routine don’t rule out TCC, we argue you need it more.

Joe Schmidt
Since 2001, Joe Schmidt has studied Yang Family Style Tai Chi (IYFTCC) with William (Bill) Wojasinski and then Carl Meeks of the Kentucky Center of the International Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan Association.  Beginning June 2005, Joe participated in 7 multi-day TC Hand Form Seminars by now Grand Master, Yang Jun.  Schmidt has traveled to China twice, practicing with Yang Jun mornings during the 3 week IYFTCC Association 2005 China Adventure.   Attending a master class by Yang Zhenduo, 4th generation Tai Chi Grandmaster, celebrating his 80th birthday in a Buddhist retreat culminated that 1st trip.  Joe’s local teachers include James Showalter and Robert Ashmore, so he has more than 500 hours of TC training including teacher training. 

For depth, Joe studies and practices the Tai Chi Saber and the Sword forms.  Joe’s practice of push hands (2 persons TCC) began in China and continues locally through 2 seminars with Yang Jun.   Joe also studies Qigong.  At the 2009 Symposium Nashville, Schmidt studied with each of the 5 traditional Chinese Grand Masters doing their 16 posture forms TCC.  With training in teaching Tai Chi forms, Joe has led his own classes since 2007, now having taught over 200 hours.  He trained for the Arthritis Foundation’s “Tai Chi for Arthritis” Certification.  Schmidt’s certifications include YMCA Group Exercise Instruction.

Gary "Robbie" Buchholz
In 1978, Gary started Wrestling, first learning from Joe Schmidt, and in 1981 started learning Martial Arts.  Gary was number one ranked in Kentucky High School and then Nationally ranked in Wrestling, with bids for the 1984 and 1988 Olympic teams as well as Wrestled in the Army.  He first started learning Sin Thé Shaolin Do, Martial arts in 1981 under, now, Master Bill Leonard.  Wherever he was in the Country he looked for new styles of Martial Arts to learn.  Next was Tae Quan Do, under J. J. Perry, then 6 time Texas Champion.  His Wrestling coach in the Army was Fred Minor, who had earned countless International and Olympic Medals in Wrestling and Martials Arts, with a specialty in Aikido.  Finally, Gary began studying Okinawan Style of Japanese Karate in 1990.  Currently he is a student of Yang Style T'ai Chi Chuan and QiGong. 

Gary was the Assistant and Head Wrestling Coach for the Franklin County High School Team for 5 years in the early 1990's.  Certified as a Nautilus, Free weight and Fitness Instructor.  Also led and taught fitness for the Army.  Many injuries and years later, his desire is for a less painful and less competitive way for exercise, health and well being.  TCC along with several other forms of exercise is his current focus.